SEEdS Wales photography project

an old twin lens rollieflex camera

Mar 3, 2022 | Projects

Raising awareness of domestic abuse is a core part of our work. We use our lived experiences as survivors to support service providers to improve how they identify and support women and children who are experiencing abuse. Once the crisis is over, support services drift away. Too many women are left without the longer-term support they need to rebuild their lives.

At SEEdS Wales we know it is important to share messages of hope for survivors, and those still experiencing abuse. So many women have experienced abuse, yet it is easy to feel alone and unable to imagine how to create a better future.

How you can help

We are seeking women survivors to take part in a photography project. By sharing our stories, we reduce the shame and stigma that many women feel as a result of abuse. Our project will show others that there is hope to build a better life.  Domestic abuse can affect anyone, from any background, at any age. We want to show a diversity of survivors so that the photographs resonate with as many people as possible.

The project will be led by one of our directors, Natasha, who is a professional photographer. She has experience of working in coproduction with community groups. We need your views to help design the project.

To find out more about taking part in this project then please contact us or email