SEEdS Wales launches

Apr 26, 2020 | News

Survivors call on Welsh Government and statutory authorities to increase emergency provision to tackle domestic abuse

SEEdS Wales, Survivors Empowering and Educating Services, is a brand new survivor-led social enterprise, improving understanding and influencing policy and practice in Wales in relation to Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence VAWDASV).

With eight founder members, all survivors of domestic abuse and experienced advocates and campaigners, SEEdS Wales supports service providers to improve their approach to tackling VAWDASV.

SEEdS Wales is offering services during the coronavirus pandemic, to inform policy responses, and to support those experiencing domestic abuse who would benefit from speaking to a survivor who understands the situation they are in.

We are able to offer survivor-informed advice and information to support service providers in their response to the coronavirus crisis. As survivors we have a valuable insight into the barriers that prevent women from seeking help and the gaps in services that place women and children at risk when they do flee.  We will also be delivering training, workshops and providing public speakers to improve understanding of the experience of living with and surviving domestic abuse once social distancing and lockdown measures allow.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis there will be many women experiencing domestic abuse who are unable to seek help because they cannot secure privacy from their perpetrator. SEEdS Wales is deeply concerned that women and children are at significant risk during the lockdown. Although we welcome the additional funding from Welsh Government for refuges, accommodation and support services, more needs to be done.

The UK Government campaign to tell those experiencing domestic abuse that they are not alone and that support is still available is important, but it is vital to further improve public understanding of what domestic abuse is.

SEEdS Wales calls on Welsh Government and all other statutory bodies in Wales:

  • to urgently increase emergency provision for women in Wales who need to report and flee domestic abuse¹;
  • in a coordinated and joined-up way, promote existing public awareness campaigns to improve understanding of domestic abuse, including coercive control;
  • to work more closely with the UK Government to raise awareness and urgently tackle the challenges being faced by women and children who are trapped in abusive households.

We also call on the wider public to educate themselves on the signs of domestic abuse and how they can take steps to support individuals who may need help. Domestic abuse is often complex and happens behind closed doors. Lockdown has strengthened abusers and made it more difficult for women and children to seek help. Perpetrators who want advice and support to stop harming their partners or family members can contact Respect².

More information on domestic abuse and sources of support for women and children can be found on our website and the Welsh Women’s Aid website.

We are honoured to have been endorsed by our Patron, Rachel Williams. Also a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, Rachel founded SUTDA – Stand Up To Domestic Abuse and is a tremendous advocate for victims and survivors.

Rachel said:

It is with great pleasure that I accept the role of patron to SEEdS Wales (C.I.C). Having worked with many of the Seeds I find their work to be conscientious and diligent in the fight against VAWDASV and would heartily recommend them to any partnership who wishes to work with them. I, personally, look forward to working with them now and in the future as individuals and as a company. Good work SEEdS Wales, keep that banner flying high!!

Having been supported and inspired by Rachel’s campaigning in recent years, we are proud to have her on board.

Editors notes:

To contact SEEdS Wales for quotes, interviews or speakers please contact us.

For information on our Directors, see our team page.

1. We support the comprehensive responses and calls for action from Welsh Women’s Aid in relation to tackling domestic abuse during the coronavirus crisis:

Responding to Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Statement on the use of hotels & B&Bs to supplement refuge space during the COVID 19 pandemic

2. Respect perpetrator support