Thank you Corrie!

Jul 7, 2020 | News

As a team of survivors of domestic abuse, we are really impressed with the storyline in Coronation Street focusing on domestic abuse. The researchers and cast have done an amazing job understanding the issues that women face and have portrayed this in a powerful and sensitive way.

It has shown how coercive control and abuse has escalated over a long period of time and how Geoff has discredited and isolated Yasmeen from friends and family.

It has been a really hard storyline to watch because it echoes so closely what all of us have been through and we know that so many women (and children) out there are trapped in these awful and heartbreaking situations like we once were.

Storylines like this are such a powerful way to support the public to understand what domestic abuse and coercive control can look like. It can also save lives. We hope it helps women who are going through something similar to understand that this shouldn’t be happening to you and it is not your fault. Domestic abuse doesn’t necessarily include physical violence. The emotional and psychological impact alone is incredibly damaging.

The storyline is still evolving, and we hope it continues to raise awareness about this relentless pandemic that has been with us for a long time – domestic abuse. We also hope that people will feel inspired to act and believe and support survivors of domestic abuse.

As a society we need to call time on all forms of violence against women and domestic abuse.

Geoff has displayed signs of controlling behaviour for a long time. When did you first notice that his behaviour towards Yasmeen wasn’t right? Let us know what warning signs you spotted.

We also understand that this storyline may be triggering for women who have been through this experience and there is support out there for you if you need someone to talk to.

If you think you are experiencing domestic abuse and need advice and support you can call the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 80 10 800.

Even if your situation is historical, you may be living with the long term impact of domestic abuse and trauma and the helpline can advise you too.

You can catch up with the storyline on ITV Hub:

Let us know on facebook or twitter what you think of the storyline and please show your support for women who need to talk about their experiences in a safe space.

Huge thanks to ITV and the cast of Coronation Street for the amazing work you are doing here to raise awareness of domestic abuse.