What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is the exercise of control by one person over another within an intimate or close family relationship; the abuse can be sexual, physical, financial, emotional or psychological. The abuse can happen in the home or elsewhere.

Domestic abuse is often misunderstood. It is a pattern of behaviour that may or may not include physical violence but it is always underpinned by coercive control. Domestic abuse can happen to anybody.

Abuse is a choice. Abusers often blame other people or events for their behaviour. The only person who is responsible for abusive behaviour is the abuser.

If you feel that you have to change your behaviour to avoid upsetting your partner or family member, if you feel isolated or afraid or worried for your safety or that of other people, then you may be experiencing abuse. If you are confused about what is happening to you and need to talk it through with someone, there are plenty of options – take a look at our resources page for more information.

All of the members of SEEdS have survived domestic abuse in a range of forms and have rebuilt lives where they are able to thrive. It is not an easy journey but everyone deserves happiness and the freedom to make their life their own.

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